Engaging students with real-world experience in the Web 2.0 era: An exploration of web video mediated learning in the university classroom

The study examines the influences of web video use and production in the context of traditional university instruction. It focuses on user-created web video, best epitomised by YouTube, in contrast to enterprise video and instructor-produced video lectures. 



Evaluation of blended and online learning courses in a large urban university in Canada

This project included literature review on the effectiveness of blended learning, the development of research methodology and data collection instruments, advanced statistical data analysis, evaluation of blended course websites, and report writing.


Tech. Report No 2013-1

Tech. Report No 2013-2

Tech. Report No 2012-3

Tech. Report No 2012-4



E-learning policies and plans of universities worldwide

The focus of this project was to analyse the e-learning planning documents and faculty support models of Canadian universities as well as those of other innovative and/or leading universities worldwide.

Future Campus: Rethinking higher education in the Digital Age

The focus of this project was to design and manage a web portal for leaders in higher education who are embarking on re-thinking and re-designing teaching and learning in the 21st century. The website aggregates web links to initiatives undertaken by universities around the world as well as links to planning resources and edtech centres.

Blended learning for soft skills development: Testing a four-level framework for integrating work and learning to maximize personal practice and job performance

The focus of this research study was to compare the learning impact/outcomes of four different blended learning strategies (offered in parallel in each of four research groups) based on a theoretical model emerging from work reported by Adams (2004).

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